It was not a chance to meet this friend three days ago. The thing that I really didn’t recognize him at the very beginning. He was somehow looking differently than what I used to see him always. he was so positive, confidence and optimistic. I used to see him before as a negative pessimistic person. So I seized the opportunity and asked him what made this difference in his mindset. He looked at me and said there are 5 things you can do to change your mindset. And it is my pleasure to share with you these 5 things in this blog post.

How to make 2017 welcome youWhat is mindset? 

According to Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford psychologist; “Mindset is a set of attitudes”.

During her studies, Carol Dweck discovered after years of research and dedication. Hard work and resilience are much more important to success and growth than brains and talents.

When we change our mindset to one of growth, we change the course of our lives.

Below are 5 things you can do every day to change and improve your mindset.

1- Just Breathe for 5 minutes

It is not just a luck or coincidence that all spiritual and religious leaders and teachers emphasized the importance of breathing. Studies show that just a few minutes a day of quiet can open our brains and make it available for our most innovative ideas.

Just find a quiet place and ground your foot to the floor and practice the breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. many people like to focus on an idea or an intention while doing so. You can as well picture a place you like in your mind while practicing the breathing exercise, such as a beach or a mountain. And when your thoughts start to disturb your quietness, just notice it and go back to your picture in mind.

I like to focus on my belly during this exercise and tune to its movement while I exhale and inhale. This prevents me from drifting into other thoughts.

This exercise is very important because it is the foundation of the upcoming exercise.

2- Check your thoughts for 5 minutes

Have you ever gotten up in the morning when the weather is bad or anything just irritated you and expected that the day will be bad? This happened for me a lot in the past until I got familiar with Stephen’s Covey idea and the circle of influence exercise. It states that there are some circumstances you can influence and some you can’t do anything toward them. When we focus on the circumstances out of our circle of influence we give our power to whatever outside us. It starts with the weather then you will give your thoughts and energy to others. So we feel how they feel and act the way they do.

Thoughts are very powerful, they are the real creator of the reality we live in. Our thoughts are transferring into feelings then into actions. Just imagine that you have a thought of a bad day. Do you think this will be a productive day? Or you didn’t go to work on time and just prejudge all the day to be a bad day, how will this day be? Thoughts are very powerful in creating the reality we live. So learn to be your thoughts master.

There is a daily ritual I like to use, it helped me a lot and I think it will help you as well. I just have a paper written on the door of my home I use to read it before leaving the home. I wrote on it with my hands “Regardless what happen today out of my control, I will choose to have positive and powerful thoughts.”

3- Write your grateful list

Rhonda Byrne the real architect behind the secret book and movie, wrote a full book named “The Magic”. The whole book was talking about one great idea that can transform lives, this idea was gratitude. She mentioned in her book that the well-known passage “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” is not the complete passage and there is an important missing WORD in it, this missing part is causing people to be confused while reading it, this word is GRATITUDE. She revealed the reality of this sentence in her book and mentioned that the real passage is “Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he has will be taken from him.”

All religions and spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of gratitude. And know the science is proving the importance of this practice. I don’t want to write a lot here on the importance of gratitude. but I want you to know that this simple practice can transform your life. Gratitude is a natural stress release. It improves your immune system and increases your happiness levels. It makes you a better decision maker and more sociable person.

Start your day by writing down three to five things you are really grateful for. They may be simple things such as you are grateful for having breakfast or whatever. But the magic will happen when you discover later in a short period of time that your gratitude list is containing better and bigger things. Please start your gratitude list today. putting in your mind that you are a fortune to have a device in your hands now reading these words with healthy eyes to see the screen while some others don’t find anything to eat in other areas of the blue planet. And others wish to have a sight for hours to see the beauty and miracles of the creator.

4- Set your intentions for the day

Before leaving in the morning just set an intention for how you want the day to be. visualize and imagine your perfect day. If you will have a business meeting or presentation just visualize it is going well and you will be performing great in this presentation. This will help your mind to find solutions for any expected challenges rather than putting yourself in the stress zone of that things may not be going well.

I have a very good exercise I like to practice on a daily basis, I just write how I want the day to go. So if I am going to give a speech for example. I just write that the speech went great and I performed well and write down all my intentions. And after the day is done, I review what I wrote and surprisingly, I found that what I wrote in most of the times manifested.

5- Enjoy the silence

Robin Sharma says; One of the primary traits of ultimate successful people is their ability to detach from the noise. Each day, “noise” such as little crises, minor interruptions and interesting distractions beg for our attention. To get to your own unique form of personal and professional greatness, it’s important – no, essential – to detach from the noise and stay “on vision”. A simple daily practice to keep you on course to get to your dreams is spending a period immersed in silence each morning.

When the brain is silent the soul talks. You need to switch to the silent mood during the day. To stop listening to the bad news or disturbing situations. You may need to give some time for yourself to listen to the soul. This can be achieved during any time in the day, I like to use it in traffic or while waiting in a queue.

Very simple 5 things you can do but you will experience a huge difference in your mindset, productivity and attitude.

Wishing you the best of luck and the best mindset.


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