businessmen_build_puzzle_stairs_800_wht_18008Your Business Day by Design

The best advice I’ve ever heard in my life from an experienced CEO was to master my daily habits. And to design my working day. So, I would like to share with you these habits that will maximize your productivity. And make you achieve more results. 


1- Wake up early:

It is very important to feel that you have time before going to work, this will help you release any stress and will give you the time to review your daily plans and visualize your day going perfectly. Early risers are more productive and experience higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.

So, you have to design you sleeping routine. This will be by setting a routine in sleep time and wake up time. The more you sleep earlier and wake up earlier the more you will be successful.

There is another secret in waking up early, best ideas and thoughts can come to you in your early hours where you are not distracted at all.

2- Start by reflecting on your journal:


Having a daily journal is more than important in our business life. Most of the successful people mentioned the importance of using a daily diary to plan their day and reflect on the learning from the other days.

This will help you as well to visualize your day and prepare for achieving your goals.

3- Exercise and move:

Having a daily exercise routine is crucial nowadays. You have to maintain your health and physical fitness.  many studies proved that healthier people are more successful and productive than unhealthy people.

4- Watch your calories:

The more healthy food you will eat the more your mental ability will be. All junk food and processed food affect the ability of right and sharp thinking.

5- Drink a lot of water:

Drinking water keeps you hydrated and healthy.

6- Make a connection:

On a daily basis, you have to connect with someone. It may be someone who needs your help or you can connect with someone who can help you.

7- Learn something new:

Every day is a learning process, so don’t go back home with the same amount of knowledge you had at the beginning of the day.

8- Choose your Language carefully:

The language you choose to use on a daily basis affects your results. So try to select positive words and eliminate negative words from your daily use. This point is very important and it works on your unconscious mind.

9- Choose your company:

Never let yourself around losers or those who are not satisfied with the results they get. So, keep away from them and start designing your own results.

10- Practice gratitude:

At the end of every day, you have to practice gratitude for the good things happened in your day.

11- Use Affirmations:

never underestimate the power of affirmations and autosuggestions. Just talk to yourself positively and have the feeling that you’ve already achieved all of your dreams.

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