opened_book_pencil_writing_800_wht_15069Many studies during the last couple of years showed that a lot of the married people would like to improve their relationship with their partners. In this article, I will show you how to have a flourishing and loving relationship with your partner.

First, what is a flourishing relationship?

We all energetic emotional social beings. Relationships are very important for us and to feel in love and loved is one of our basic human needs. In my opinion, relationships are the core of our happiness and satisfaction in our overall life. True love and flourishing relationship with your partner can help you in excelling in your life and achieve new records and results.

The mistake most of the people sometimes do is focusing on the partner. Most of us are looking for the improvement to come from our partners. And guess what!! they are expecting and waiting for the same.

The only way to experience the Ultimate beauty of your relationship always starts by YOU. This is the great fact about this, and this what makes it 100% work for you.

Let me first ask you a question, if you want a good experience that lasts in anything in life, what have you to do? If you want to keep your good relations with your customers, don’t you have to be always good to them. This is the secret of the flourishing relationship. you have to be always good and of service to your partner. Here the law of compensation will take place, and you will receive as you give.

So the best way to have a wonderful relationship is to raise your level of conscious awareness. And to know if you are really ready to experience this level of wonderful relationship or not yet. It is very important as well to do the same exercises coming below with your partner.

What is the difference between Typical Relationship and Flourished Relationship?


So now, in our journey to understand your readiness for experiencing flourishing relationship. I want you to  circle which column applies to you more, then check where are you on the readiness level as well as your partner.

This step is very important, as it makes you realize exactly what is the missing part of the whole picture, Self-awareness can help achieve areas in your relationship that you haven’t achieve before.

So, to conclude, not everyone is ready for a flourishing relationship. This kind of relationship is actively achieved not passively experience. However, you can achieve this level of relationship easily if you are willing to look deeply into your own self. by taking this very first step at your end, you will find that your partner is willing to do as well.

It is very important to remember that you have to achieve this level of relationship as a team. If you or your partner is not ready and willing to do the extra work to achieve this level of relationship, you will not experience this level of relationship.

figure_insert_your_writing_500_wht_14473Always Remember:


  • BOTH partners must want this form of relationship.
  • BOTH partners must know themselves very well and have high level of conscious awareness.
  • BOTH partners must have common shared vision in life.

Sometimes you will have extra homework to do to get your partner closer to your vision in life. From my experience, I can confirm that 70% of marriage failures are due to not sharing the same vision in life. 


The wonderful thing in relationships, that by some focusing on self-awareness and on reflecting on your relationships, you will be able to push yourself forward to experience better relationship.

Self-reflection is a great place to start:


please take some time to reflect on the following questions, it will be great if you do this exercise with your partner. You will be emotionally released later, and you will have something to talk about for very long time :):) 

  • Take a moment to truly reflect on whether you have any repeating patterns or persistent emotional reactions within your relationships. What are these common themes? Where do you believe they may come from?
  • Before marriage, what were your expectations and beliefs about marriage? How did you form these beliefs?
  • What roles did you expect to have after marriages and what did you really perceive?
  • Go back to your earliest adult years and remember how you would have described a typical romantic relationship? What are you doing now in reality from what you imagined in the past to be doing?

And now it’s time to do some work and to develop a plan for your future relationship:

  • What are some beliefs, roles, expectations and patterns you would like to release?
  • What new thoughts and actions would you like to replace these released beliefs with?
  • What are you going to do starting from now to improve your relationship?
  • What are you doing to do with your partner to improve this relationship?


So, if I can summarize the main one thing to having wonderful relationship with your partner, it is in one word:

Self-awareness and willing to improve


Wishing you a flourishing relationship:)


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