Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions –   Ken Blanchard

The Four Types of Feedback

The above is statement is true 100%. However, there is a very important missing part. It is the right feedback. During the last month, I was developing some videos for the first time  in my life. And I received a lot of feedbacks, some were very helpful and some were very limiting. So in this article I will share with you Four Types of Feedback I have received from people and how did I use all the feedbacks for my advantage.

My promise to you that after finishing this article you will build strong muscles toward any negative or limiting feedbacks.

How to make 2017 welcome youThe Main Four Types of feedback are:

  1. Positive Feedback
  2. Layman Feedback
  3. Inner Circle Feedback
  4. Technical Guru Feedback


So let’s start talking about each one separately. I want you to know while you read this article that we experience all the four types on a daily basis and we will continue experiencing them till our last day on earth. So Our job is not to eliminate or neglect them. But to understand every feedback and deal with it properly.

The Positive Feedback:

This is the most important feedback you will have. This is the most valuable one and this is the feedback that you will go ask for and use to uplift yourself to the next step.

All the other types of feedback will come to you without asking for. This type is the type you have to ask for and sometimes you have to pay for. It is the feedback we take from teachers and mentors. Nowadays people are seeking for mentors or successful models in their business to pay them for having their feedback and opinion.

You as a human being must be very smart to go and ask for this type of feedback and put every word from this feedback into consideration. So, you have to know who will be the ones to give you this type of feedback. Here are who can give you the Positive and Empowering Feedback:

  • A smart and successful leader
  • A public authority in your career
  • Someone who achieved what you are willing to achieve
  • A successful and skilled person in your area of expertise
  • Someone who really wants to help in the area you are working on because of his experience
  • A mentor or coach you are  paying him/her to do so

As you have seen above, this feedback is not a feedback that comes to you while doing nothing. It is a planned feedback. I name it a feedback by design. So, you are the designer of receiving this feedback and you are very tuned to it. You have to select your positive feedback providers carefully because they are the ones who will help you with moving your success wheels to the next step.

So take a minute now and write down who are your positive feedback providers and how will you reach them. For me, I have a document I included in it all the people who will be willing to provide me with the positive and empowering feedback. I included as well those who I have to reach in order to have their feedback. And I want you to do the same now. thumbs_up_hole_stop_300_clr_18236

The Layman Feedback:

This is a killing useless feedback. You will have it whether you asked for it or not. it is a feedback most probably coming from a weak and ill mindset. And you have to differentiate very well this feedback from others. Sometimes this feedback can be a destroyer especially if it is coming from a different belief system than yours.

So, what do you have to do when you receive a feedback from a layman and you think it is not useful? First thing you have to analyze the person who is giving you the feedback, Is he a successful person? Is he active and productive person or not? If not, thank him and try not to analyze the feedback.

The worst feedback you will receive is the feedback you will receive from the lazy persons. They are the source of all evil. They can and want to destroy the will of any person even they did it consciously or unconsciously. Simply they are the people who gave up their dreams because they don’t want to pay the price and they don’t want anyone as well to achieve their dreams. Didn’t I tell you they are the source of all evil !!!

Here are some of the feedback a negative layman may poison your thoughts with:

  • Will this work?
  • Who told you this is the time for what you do?
  • Aren’t you wasting your time and energy?
  • Isn’t there something more beneficial to do?
  • Why don’t you ……………..?
  • I think you can do ………… instead of ……………..

As you see, if you are not doing anything and listened to some of the above statement, you will feel as if your soul is drained.

I will tell you a 100% true fact; you will have this kind of feedback always from many people who you even don’t like. Never, Never give them your power to your thoughts.

The Inner Circle Feedback:

This feedback is important somehow but you have to take care of it as well. This is the feedback from the people who really love you. They want the best for you but they don’t know anything about what you do or how to help you.

This feedback will always be missing something. Some examples of the inner circle feedback:

  • That was good but I think there is better
  • Something is missed but I don’t know what is it
  • There is better than this
  • Wait till you make something better

This is a feedback wishing you the best. However, you have to analyze it. Tune to the feedback of the successful people in your family and  don’t pay much attention to the rest of the family or friends feedback as it will not move you any forward.

The Technical Guru Feedback:

From all the types, this is the worst and the real soul draining feedback. It is a feedback that will not help you at all with your business. It is a feedback representing the technical side of the provider regardless of the main content. Mainly it is a feedback to show up only.

Here is a story happened to me representing the technical guru. After I developed a workbook and the cover page of it with a designer who was very intelligent and skillful. One of my friends who was into colors left all the content and started to comment on the colors, telling me it is ok but a new research mentioned that the gradient can be better than this.

The thing here is he left the main thing and focused on his technical area. The feedback may be right but it is coming from an ego driven mindset and will not help at all me or the reader.

So whenever you face the same feedback don’t consider it at all.


There are four types of feedback you will receive. Don’t focus except on the first type wich is the positive feedback. you will never eliminate or prevent the other type from being told to you. Listen to them but don’t care a lot about them and keep going.

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