What is the real meaning of a servant Leader? What can we really from the real mentors on their death beds? In this article, I’ve learned some Great Life and Leadership Lessons from my Mentor on his Death Bed and I would like to share them with you. 

2 weeks ago I have received an email that really made the tears run from my eyes. An email from one of my mentors apologizing for not responding to my emails and questions. Informing me he is at death’s door and that is why he has been dilatory answering my questions.

Later he sent an email to all of his students, including myself. Informing us that he has been planning for our best interest and he let us know that the courses will continue and he guided us to the new delegate person who will take the lead in supporting us in the future. He ended his email with such kind words thanking us for being a part of his journey and apologizing for not being able to send every one of his students a personalized email.

Just today morning, we received an email from the new delegate person to support us informing us that our great mentor has succumbed to his illness and passed away earlier. He concluded in his email how this mentor was a gentleman who loved to teach and engage with people to help them progress their knowledge and careers. He mentioned to us in the email how our mentor explained to him his deteriorating health situation which was not going to be reversible. And how he asked him if he would consider carrying on working with his students and providing them ongoing support. Telling us how he by then was handed over everything from the big mentor and that he now has all the cases of the students and eager and capable of helping every-one of us.  

I am writing now this article while the tears fall from eyes, running on my face to rest on the desk I use to write this article. Really the words can’t describe my feelings and how grateful I am to this great mentor and to our new supporter.

I wish my mentor to Rest In Peace and wishing all the success to my new supporter and thanking him for such a courageous decision to accept this heavy responsibility.

The real lesson from the above story:

  • True leaders are really concerned about others.
  • True leaders are great planners and great executors.
  • True leaders are always developing the second line to serve and continue working on their mission.
  • True leaders care a lot about others and think of solutions to support them in the long run.

My mentor showed us the real meaning of Level-5 Achieving “Greatness” as a Leader, a concept that was created by business consultant, Jim Collins. He wrote about it in his book “From Good to Great”. You can learn more about this concept from here:


The real lesson here is how my mentor focused on us as students during his last physical survival days on the realm of the physical life. And how he was eager to keep a fingerprint and a lasting legacy after he leaves this planet. Doing so was not to be accomplished but by really focusing on others not focusing on oneself. My mentor left us physically but he will last forever in our minds and hearts just because he showed will and humility during his days with us. This man forever will not be remembered only by his teachings, books and support. We all will remember him by the last email received from him.

I am into the concept of preparing our death bed list and our last days’story, but for the first time ever, I think about if we will send our last email, what could this email be about and what would be the title of this email?

Please share with me your thoughts below.

Nabil El Hady is a well-known author and blogger. In addition to writing “The Secret Compass”, he is the founder of the “Generating Ultimate Success from within” methodology. Nabil El Hady is the number one coach working with people in their mid-life crises. He has his Doctorate in “The Impact of Psychological Contract on Mental Health” giving him a deep understanding of how people perceive themselves in all areas of their lives. He helps shift their paradigms and thoughts through his “Seven Step Process toward Ultimate Success.”

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