The Killing Question

Sometimes we may have a dream or a desired outcome in our heart for a very long period of time until the time for manifesting the dream knocks the doors of our heart and mind requesting us to follow the call to do what we really want. In this podcast, I will share the story that made me create my show and how one question at the right time turned around my way of thinking. 

Nabil El Hady is a well-known author and blogger. In addition to writing “The Secret Compass”, he is the founder of the “Generating Ultimate Success from within” methodology. Nabil El Hady is the number one coach working with people in their mid-life crises. He has his Doctorate in “The Impact of Psychological Contract on Mental Health” giving him a deep understanding of how people perceive themselves in all areas of their lives. He helps shift their paradigms and thoughts through his “Seven Step Process toward Ultimate Success.”
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