This is the best Time

To set and master your Life Toward Your Right Direction

Your North Toward Ultimate Success

To do so, You have to Discover your Secret Compass.

Step by Step

Toward Achieving you Real Ultimate Success in All Areas of Your Life

The idea of the book

English Version 

Arabic Version 

I believe that within your mind and heart lies your secret compass and this is the best time to discover it and reveal your Ultimate Success Code. 

I believe that setting goals with the wrong state of mind can destroy our lives and make us live a chaos life. That is why my focus in this book is preparing the minds for setting right goals instead of the focus on the goals. 


The New Technology and Psychology of Ultimate Success.


Where Success is easier than ever before

What is the purpose of this book?


To have a Unique Approach and Universal System that helps anyone achieve his Ultimate Success easily and Effortlessly. 

The book is based on: 

Seven-Step ProcessToward Ultimate Success

The above steps are life changing steps
Don’t underestimate the importance of taking the steps as is. These steps are developed in a way that each step is forming the ground foundation for the next one.
Read the following steps with an open eye

The Seven Steps Toward Ultimate Success are: 

Is the Beliefs Engineering System (B.E.S). This step will help you question your beliefs and understand and analyze them from a new perspective. You will be aware of who installed in your mind the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Is understanding Thoughts Vibrations. Thoughts Vibrations are the real hidden gate for success. You are broadcasting your thoughts to the world on a very deep unconscious level.
Is Conscious Awareness. Here, you will rediscover your true self and you will see possibilities you were not aware of before. This step will increase your level of satisfaction and will make you happy about your life and your current achievements.
Is about understanding the 10 Major Areas of Life. This step is the foundation for discovering your real outcome in life.
Is discover your Ideal Outcome and the Mighty Why behind it.
Is about the goal setting process. After understanding your desired outcome and understanding what you really want, only then, you can set proper,effective goals.
Is about Affirmations and Autosuggestions. This step is the best gift you can give your subconscious mind
As seen above, it is not the goals that make the difference in our lives. It is the proper state of mind that set the goals.

Below is an overview of the Seven-Step Process toward Ultimate Success:

Step One: Beliefs Engineering System

  • Eliminating Limitation

  • Empowering Beliefs

  • How do thoughts affect our life

  • Journey inside the mind

Step Two: Thoughts Vibration

  • Law Of Attraction (LOA)

  • Goal Settings

  • Impact of goals on the LOA

  • Life by Default or Design

  • Reticular Activating System (RAS)

  • The Four levels of attraction

Step Three: Conscious Awareness

  • Your 3D brain

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  • Potential Progress Areas

Step Four: Understand Major Areas in Life

  • Step by step to discover your true outcome

  • The 10 major areas of life

Step Five: Discover your Ideal Outcome

  • HUGGs – phase 1

  • HUGGs – phase 2

  • Setting desired outcome – ARCITECT Method

  • Mighty Why

Step Six: Goal Setting Process


  • Seven Steps Goal Settings

  • Goal Setting Strategy

  • Goal Attainment Formula

Step Seven: Affirmation and Autosuggestions

  • From SMART to PPS

  • Importance of Affirmations

The Second part step after mastering the Seven Step Process toward Ultimate Success


Reclaiming Your Three Endowments 


Your Three Endowments are:

  1. Action 

  2. Persistence 

  3. Confidence 


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