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So you want to achieve your goals and want to activate the law of Attraction. It is the case here with all of us. That is why I wrote this article. To show you how to use the law of attraction in achieving your goals.


First of all, let’s understand what is the law of Attraction in the goals setting process. 

In the simplest form, it is to attract to your physical realm all the goals you have in mind as thoughts. And to do so, you have to be setting the right goals and taking the right actions with the right mindset. And guess what? This is the Law of Attraction in Action.

In this article. We will cover more than one point in regards to this subject, so set your belts to start the journey.

Before going any further, you have to make self-inventory. So with a pen in your hand, please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you setting specific and realistic goals?
  2. Are your goals focusing on all your life areas?
  3. Are you willing to try and learn from the failures?
  4. Do your goals represent your real needs in life or someone else’s?
  5. Do you have a system to check your progress and ensure you are on track?
  6. Are you focusing on what you really want not what you don’t want?
  7. Do you have many times set at one time?

So, by answering the above questions you will be aware of your goals and your way of thinking. The main purpose of the above inventory is to open your eyes on how you are setting the goals. Please keep in your mind that you will attract the right goals only to yourself.

Why most of the people don’t set goals:

Many people don’t set goals for some of the below reasons. below are some reasons and how to avoid them:

1- You don’t know want you really want:

Many people focus their efforts on what they don’t want instead of what they really want in life. So, they spend their time and effort in the wrong direction and end up not achieving what they really want. One more issue, is some people focus on goals that don’t represent their real needs. This makes them frustrated and not enjoying the journey.  I want you to be selfish in setting your goals and to know that your goals must by the end represent you real needs not someone’s else.

2- You don’t know how to set goals:  

Many people as well don’t know how to set goals. However, it is a skill and you can learn it at any time. The only difference in this skill is that it is very easy to learn, it needs you to have a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you want to achieve.

3- You may not be willing to get out of your comfort zone:

No one can achieve a new goal while he is doing the same actions day in and day out. So in order to achieve any new goals, you have to be ready to pay the price. please note that the more the success you want in your life the more the price you will have to pay. This is life and works only this way.

4- You are not willing to fail:

Many people are not willing to experience failure in their journey toward success. People don’t know that the price of success is some failures and setbacks.  So the more the failures you experience the more the stronger you are and the more potential for success you will be. If you want a prove to this just observe a small kid while learning how to walk and count the number of failures he experiences till he is done with the new skill.

5- You don’t believe in yourself: 

Not because you didn’t achieve it in the past you can’t now. Or because your ancestors didn’t do it you can’t. So, you have to know that anything in this life is possible and achievable. All you have to do is to know the price and pay the price.

How to create Patterns for success? 

Below are some habits if you used to do it regularly, you will be able to attract success to your life:

  • Set daily goals and review them
  • Be an avid learner
  • Find a coach or mentor
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Understand your values
  • Keep going and never give up

My reference to this article was my friend Britta Nijhuis where she has a full program on Law of Attraction. You can learn more about the law of attraction and goal setting from here:


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